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Lots & Land

Vacant lots and land are some of the most prime real estate offerings in Lake Country. Investing in land opens many opportunities, whether you’re planning to buy for residential or commercial purposes. Continue reading to learn more about purchasing vacant lots and land in Lake Country.

Important considerations when buying land

Land is an important asset and a solid long-term investment. Make sure you’re picking the right plot by taking the following considerations in mind:

  • Utilities – Is the lot connected to existing utilities (water, electricity, phone lines, etc)? Or will you have to pay extra to install these necessities?
  • Street access – Not all plots of vacant land have direct street access. Some require a bit of a walk, while others are more remote. Landlocked lots require easements, which allow you to pass through another person’s land to get to yours.
  • Location – The lot’s location can affect the plans you have for the land. Much of the vacant land for sale in Lake Country is located some distance from downtown neighborhoods, and lakefront lots are especially popular.
  • Zoning ordinances – Local building regulations and ordinances are important factors in determining which plot to buy. These rules affect the kind of structures you’re allowed to build on the land. These ordinances range from the number of floors you can add, or even the very purpose of the building (residential or commercial).
  • Environmental tests – Lake Country is home to sprawling undeveloped land, but it wouldn’t hurt to have environmental surveys or tests performed before you purchase a certain plot of land. Such tests will determine the land’s soil quality, as well as possibility of flooding and contamination.

Explore vacant land and lots for sale in Lake Country

Lake Country specialist Mike Kennedy can help you find the best plot of land for sale in Brainerd, MN. Get in touch with North Bound Property today at 218-232-1946 or [email protected].

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