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Dan & Kellie Ryan

For those of you who say, “you can’t mix business with pleasure”  you haven’t met Mike! My wife and I wanted to purchase a place we could invest in for retirement and were a bit reluctant given the current economy. When we met Mike, we knew that we had met an individual who not only cared about our thought process, but made us feel like Best Friends and part of his family throughout the entire process!  We were looking at a lake cabin that took our travels through several inches of soft pack snow on a back road and on a small lake and it was our last showing.  We did great getting in, but to the contrary in getting out. Yep—We got stuck—and in a big way!  We were definitely stuck in the spring thaw.  Mike, immediately called for backup, his wife picked us up while he stayed and took care of getting unstuck.  Mike undauntedly cared so much in regards to our comfort that he took the “business with pleasure” to a new height!  Even with a little challenge, we all had a great time and a good laugh!  Mike is totally the Best—Hands down!! Thanks Mike!!