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D. Anderson and Family

My father and mother in-law, due mainly to medical reasons felt it was time to sell the family cabin after 15 years.  They weren’t quite sure what to expect when putting it up for sale and at times felt overwhelmed. They spoke with two real estate agents from different companies.  The first agent didn’t really give us the feeling she was quite interested nor was there a comfort level, which was important for my in-laws.

We found Mike Kennedy after calling Edina Realty and soon realized he was exactly what we were hoping to find in an agent.  He immediately made my in-laws feel that he truly cared about helping them.  His demeanor was professional and his good sense of humor put us all at ease.  Mike was knowledgeable about the local market and selling prices, which help to establish our asking price.  He would take every call we made when questions came up and made sure everyone understood exactly what was happening every step of the way.  The property was listed and sold approximately twelve days later.  During the process, there was a negotiation process that took place with the buyers and Mike was great about helping us all understand what was happening.

My wife, my in-laws and myself would highly recommend hiring Mike Kennedy for assisting in any real estate transaction.  He is what a real estate agent should be all about.  Again, thank you for everything you did for us.  We do greatly appreciate it.